Oil Analysis is a proven technique for accurately predicting component wear and lubricant condition in your machines to determine its operating condition. It is done by collecting a small sample of oil from a machine (via sample points or through pre-determined oil access such as dipstick tubes) and then performing a number of physical and chemical tests on the sample in a laboratory to determine the condition of the lubricant, the level of contaminants in the oil, and the internal health of the machine.

If the results of the analysis are logged and plotted over time, – ideally, over the entire the life of a particular machine -trends can be established which can help reduce failures, unscheduled downtime and repair costs as well as potentially reducing requirements for scheduled full equipment overhauls. 

Oil analysis service

Tribe Engineering has introduced an oil analysis service for industry and for the domestic/light industrial market.

Oil analysis benefits

Oil analysis is a well-proven technique for monitoring difficult to access components in equipment that are being operated dynamically.

Oil analysis tests

Our lab offers a range of test types to determine abnormal component wear and fluid degradation.

Tribe sampling kit

Tribe Engineering supplies a simple kit with which to take oil samples. The kit includes everything you need to safely and cleanly take an oil sample.