What we do

Tribe Engineering offers a range of maintenance and engineering consultancy services, traditionally to the rail industry but also to process plant, nuclear, and other industry sectors.

We help our customers get the very best from their assets by optimising their maintenance resources and regimes.

How we do it


Tribe Engineering Limited offers a range of Engineering services that can help your business manage its physical assets better.

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is a proven technique for accurately predicting component wear and lubricant condition in your machines to determine its operating condition.

Maintenance Optimisation

Maintenance is much more than fixing an asset when it fails; its how you manage your assets functions and failures to get the best value out of them for your business.

Maintenance Development

Applying engineering concepts for the optimisation of maintenance, procedures and schedules to achieve growth in maintainability, reliability, and availability of equipment.


Tribe Engineering projects


This section provides an overview of some of the varied projects that Tribe Engineering has undertaken for our clients in recent years.       Projects are divided into the following categories:  

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