Tribe Engineering has introduced an oil analysis service for industry and for the domestic/light industrial market. 

Our oil analysis laboratory complies with ISO 9001:2008 standards (soon to be ISO 9001:2015 compliant).

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Tribe Engineering has a background in Maintenance Engineering. We see oil analysis as a valuable tool in the inventory of anyone with a desire to develop and improve the maintenance of their assets, not just creating a report for the file or simply saving money on oil changes.

If you use, or have used an oil lab, there are various levels of service you will receive; all accredited labs will analyse your samples and provide a comprehensive elemental analysis report, some will go further and make recommendations on when to change oil. We take it a step further – Tribe Engineering ensures that we understand your assets and their operating context and machine maintenance history in order to make maintenance recommendations for further actions that allow your machines to operate at their best.

We understand that your samples are more than just a bottle of oil to be tested; they come from machines that your business relies on. Sending you a detailed elemental report against an asset number is useless unless you understand how to use that data, and simply recommending that you change oil as the default action on oil conditions that exceed the pre-set trigger levels is not dealing with the underlying issues. Tribe Engineering believe that only by looking at the whole context of your machines, can we make the best use of oil samples to improve the maintenance and therefore operation of your machines. We look at the type of machine, the duty you use it for, the rate of degradation in the oil and the changes that indicate other failures in the machine/system and provide you with output that can be used positively by your maintenance team to get the best from your assets without them needing tribology skills or taking valuable time trending and analysing data.

We know that if you shop around, you will find a cheaper per-sample rate for your oil samples; however, we believe that what we offer takes you to the place that you expected to be through using oil sampling as part of your maintenance regime therefore we provide better value overall.





via Tribe Engineering – B2B industrial (medium to high volumes):

  • Large volume oil sampling program with tiered volume discount levels, including sample pumps and sample kits and pre-paid sample return mailers;
  • Online secure access to lab report, detailed maintenance engineering report, history and alarms;
  • Full suite testing or select from available tests to suit your needs;
  • Providing additional oil sampling maintenance tasks documentation or text inserts for your existing maintenance documentation;
  • Additional Maintenance Engineering commentary and advice on each sample.





via Tribe SoLubeTM branding – B2C domestic/light industry (low volumes) COMING SOON!:

  • Pre-paid single sample kit for the domestic and light industry market;
  • Pre-paid multi sample kit for the domestic and light industry market.



  • Single sample kit purchased by customer directly, online or through reseller.
  • Kit contains everything required to safely and cleanly take an oil sample and send to the lab for analysis.
  • Oil sample is sent in a serialised secure bottle inside a pre-paid bottle mailer.
  • Extraction syringe is connected to the tubing.
  • Tubing can be cut to length to suit application.
  • Contaminated oil safety: Disposable gloves are included in the kit.
  • Kit includes pre-paid poly mailer to send sample to lab