In addition to Maintenance Engineering and Optimisation, Tribe Engineering Limited offers a range of Engineering services that can help your business manage its physical assets better.

This includes assistance in understanding and specifying the correct asset to purchase, supplier engagement to ensure that the best value asset is specified and purchased, commissioning support and testing of assets,  and ensuring that your staff are trained properly to keep your assets performing optimally. We assist our customers in creating specifications for the purchase of equipment and services to support their business and can see this right the way through to tender evaluation, ensuring our customers make the most appropriate selections.

We have often assisted our customers in augmenting their maintenance and design engineering teams with specialist skills for specific projects. This has included providing design risk assessments, reviews of industry standards, design/build assurance and producing design standards checklists. We also have generated and rewritten customers engineering procedures and processes to help them design and manufacture their products quicker, cheaper and to higher quality.