In order to optimise your maintenance regime, first you must find out which elements of it require improvement.

Tribe Engineering can audit your asset maintenance regime and identify areas that can be improved and allow you to review the effectiveness of your maintenance system to deliver the equipment reliability and availability you want.

Our Maintenance Audit is designed to collect information on your current maintenance regime in a structured manner, and from the asset management/maintenance systems (CMMS) that you use and then analyse the data acquired to identify opportunities for maintenance process improvement.

Reported failure history, corrective maintenance tasks undertaken, spare parts usage and maintenance resource hours for each critical system will be analysed as part of the maintenance audit reporting.

Analysis of any FRACAS system data (where available) will be conducted to better understand how well root causes of failures are identified and dealt with.

Attention will be paid to training and competence of maintenance staff, and the quality and level of available technical documentation and process documentation/records.

Interviews are conducted with key stakeholders, supervisory, operations and maintenance staff to gain an understanding of how the current processes are seen to perform and elicit potential improvement opportunities from them.

The audit results can be coupled to a criticality analysis of key systems to ensure that the maintenance effort and resources are targeted in the right direction.

A report is provided detailing the investigations performed, analyses carried out and the results and recommendations. 

Our Maintenance Audit is aimed at:

  • Providing a review of the maintenance management regime, focussing on;
    • Training and competence;
    • Technical maintenance documentation;
    • Records and processes;
    • Failure data;
    • Spares usage;
    • CMMS data;
    • Maintenance schedule;
  • Benchmarking the maintenance regime against best practice;
  • Identification of opportunities to improve the existing maintenance regime;
  • Identification of opportunities for efficiency improvements;
  • Identification of opportunities to make better use of maintenance resources.

It is generally the case that maintenance audits coupled to Technical Basis of Maintenance (TBoM) activity, can produce dramatic and positive changes to your maintenance performance and therefore to your assets overall performance.

The areas where Maintenance Audits generally identify weaknesses and opportunities are:

  • Organisation and culture;
  • Reliability management;
  • Materials management and spares stock holding;
  • Cost controls;
  • Scheduling and maintenance planning;
  • Information management;
  • Maintenance processes;
  • Training and competence;
  • Tooling and equipment;
  • Contractor, 3rd party maintainer, technical support and warranty management; 
  • Documentation and records;
  • and, Maintenance resources.