A selection of Maintenance Engineering projects carried out by Tribe Engineering Limited:



Lombard JPA Wagons

    Tribe Engineering undertook Initial delivery condition inspections and assessment for Lombard’s fleet of JPA Bogie Cement Wagons upon delivery to the UK from the manufacturer. A detailed inspection of all the wagons delivered was performed at Wembley yard in London, and a report compiled detailing the inspection and findings.

Locomotive wheelset assessment

    We provided digital wheelset profile and diameter measurements using a Riftek IKP-5 laser profile measurement machine and Riftek IDK digital wheel diameter gauge of a nuclear material handling locomotive for a UK based client. We also conducted a condition assessment as part of a wider condition and safety assessment for the locomotive. 

Network Rail High Output fleet

    During the transition of responsibilities for the NR High Output fleet from Track to NDS, Tribe Engineering provided fleet management services including vehicle condition inspections, overhaul and maintenance management and liaison with the operating and maintenance contractors. The NR High Output Track renewals fleet consisted on a variety of vehicle types including continuous tampers, vacuum machines, Dynamic Track stabilisers, regulators, ballast handling wagons, track renewal systems, and wagons spread across 4 systems (now 5) and operating from High…